Listing Your Company On Bowling Green Works

  • Remember, this isn’t a job listing, it is more about selling your company, with some of your current opportunities listed
  • Know and communicate what makes your business and opportunities better than others
  • Define and communicate the culture of your company
  • Design a retention strategy for your company and communicate those opportunities
    on your business listing (knowing this helps you keep the people you already have as well)
  • Fill out all text fields as fully as possible. Be promotional in your language. Again, this shouldn’t be thought of as a job listing, it should be thought of as a marketing effort for your company. What makes your company attractive to prospective hires?


  • Consider taking a 40-hr-per week position and splitting it into part-time positions to appeal to the parents/caregivers and recently retired
  • Increase wages where possible
  • Eliminate or combine roles
  • Define and communicate the culture, it may just be the thing that differentiates you
  • When a valuable employee leaves, offer for them to return with the same seniority (within a reasonable amount of time) if their new path doesn’t work out
  • Consider remote work options

Tactics for Listing on Bowling Green Works